Friday, September 27, 2013

Media Release: Thanksgiving Harvest Festival at Sainte-Marie

Gina Denne displays some samples of her exquisite pottery and designs in preparation for the Thanksgiving Harvest Festival and Arts and Crafts Show and Sale event at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons on October 12-13.  The event features 42 exceptional artisans, fun Fall heritage activities on the historic site, and much more.  For further event info call 705 526-7838 or visit 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Youth Employment Fund (YEF) - Midland YMCA Employment Service

Information Session on September 24th at 12:30pm to provide details about the new Youth Employment Fund (YEF) to be launched by Employment Ontario on September 23.

In response to the high youth unemployment rate, YEF will support employers who want to employ youth 15-29 in their communities.

See the attached flyer for further details on this information session. Please RSVP by September 23rd by calling 705-528-0845. We look forward to seeing you on September 24th and supporting you with your employment needs. 

Midland YMCA Employment Service

County of Simcoe Community Summit

County of Simcoe Community Summit

The County of Simcoe is pleased to announce they will be hosting a Community Summit on October 9, 2013 from 8:30 a.m. -  4:00 p.m. to provide an overview on the Labour Market Partnership Project, as well as an update of programs and services within the Social Services Division and the Ontario Disability Support Program. Please be advised the option is available to attend for the full day or half day, understanding that the objective for each session will vary.

The MORNING SESSION: will be focused on Simcoe County's Labour Market Partnership Project. At this session you will hear about the key findings presented in the Community Labour Force Report and have an opportunity to offer your expertise by participating in an interactive workshop that will inform the next steps of the project. You will also have an opportunity to self-identify your level of participation in future phases and ultimate implementation, performance measurement and monitoring.

The AFTERNOON SESSION: is focused on an update on programs and services. Presentations will include informational updates from:
• Ontario Works
• Social Housing
• Children and Community Services
• Ontario Disability Support Program

To register for this event please go to the following link and provide us with all of the information needed in order to participate in this session.

Friday, September 13, 2013



Enjoy Franco-Ontarian Day at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons Wednesday September 25. This program highlight will feature Franco-Ontarian folk tales, historic blacksmithing and cooking, complimentary cake, and a special film presentation.  The Franco-Ontarian Day highlight is Included with regular site admission.  For info call 705 526-7838 or visit

Mike Serafin, Historic Program Group Leader, practices some historic cooking in preparation for the Franco-Ontarian Day highlight at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons September 25.  The day will feature the telling of Franco-Ontarian folk tales, historic blacksmithing and cooking, and complimentary cake.  A documentary film entitled “Pis nous autres dans tout ­­├ža?” will also play in the Sainte-Marie foyer, exploring perceptions of Franco-Ontarian heritage.  
For info call 705 526-7838 or visit

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



The Huronia Museum is undertaking a Strategic Planning Exercise that will identify strategic directions and actions to be taken over the next several years. 

Strategic Planning is a dynamic process especially helpful in assisting an organization to take the steps needed to adapt and become more responsive to a changing environment. It involves identifying current circumstances, issues and opportunities both internal and external, developing a description of the desired future or Vision for the organization, and then determining key, strategic actions that will assist the organization to ultimately achieve its Vision.   As part of the process, the organization’s Mission (or stated purpose) and Goals are also reviewed to ensure that they are consistent with the Vision as well as current and effective in directing year to year planning.

Most simply, a number of questions are considered:  Where are we now?  Where do we want to be in the Future?  Are we doing the right things?   How will we get there?  

This questionnaire will be utilized as a first step in gathering input from a sampling of respondents that are internal (e.g. board, staff, members, volunteers) as well as external stakeholders (relevant organizations, partners, municipality, Museum users, the community in general); who have a vested interest and/or are intended to benefit from the Museum’s services, activities and programs.

Your insight and thoughts are very important and much appreciated.   The information provided will have a critical role in developing a Strategic Plan intended to support the Huronia Museum in planning for its future and continued success.


What is your relationship or experience with the Huronia Museum?
(i.e. board member, volunteer, community organization, staff, frequent visitor etc.)

What is your understanding of the overall purpose or Mission of the Museum?

To your knowledge, what programs, activities or services does it provide?

Who in your opinion benefits from the above?


(internal items, or primarily within the control of the Museum)

What in your knowledge or opinion are the STRENGTHS of the Huronia Museum?
(e.g. what is it doing well, membership base, skills, commitment, human resources, what attributes or assets does it have, how utilized, valued by the public etc.)

What in your view could be IMPROVED?
(any weak areas, what it could be doing better,  better fulfill its mandate, internal relationships and responsibilities, problems that need to be solved, how can it better serve the community, are there gaps that are not being met etc.)

Factors or trends within the broader environment that impact or could impact upon the Museum, usually beyond the control of the Museum
(e.g. demographics, economic trends, political, changing community/population, community needs, collaborators, funding, competitors, laws/ regulations, technology etc.)

What in your view could be considered threats or issues impacting upon the delivery of the Museum’s Mission?  Are there any threats that could also be considered opportunities?

What advantages or positive circumstances exist or could present themselves as opportunities for the Museum in delivering its Mission.

(i.e. desired picture of the future)

What would your preferred Vision be for the Huronia Museum in next five years?


Considering your previous comments, and given current circumstances, what in your view are the most critical factors for achieving success as well as the most significant issues or barriers to be addressed?

Please submit your responses (electronically if at all possible or if not by fax or mail) to:

Judy Adams
Strategic Planning Facilitator


Fax: 705-739-6697

By    Friday, September 13, 2013                          THANK YOU!